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3 Ways to Minimize Pain

3 Ways to Minimize Chronic Pain
by Jackie Waters
Living with chronic pain can be very frustrating. People dealing with this condition find themselves distressed because they no longer have the ability to move as fluidly as they would like. If you are battling chronic pain and find yourself trying to ward off depression, know that you can still lead a happy and active life with a few adjustments.
Eat a healthy diet
Most chronic pain is linked to inflammation. While inflammation is a process that is needed because it helps the body respond and heal from injury, chronic inflammation leads to long-term pain and discomfort.

Fibromyalgia FINALLY recognized with an ICD-10 Code

On October 1, 2015, there was breaking news in the Health Care Community with regards to Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is NOW recognized as a "real" diagnosis with its own ICD-10 Code. An ICD Code is the "International Classifications of Diseases- (10th edition)," which health care professionals, hospitals, etc use to indicate the patients diagnosis of medical conditions, disease, and/or disorder.

As a Fibromyalgia sufferer, this news was a victory to be celebrated and for the 'Fibro' Community as a whole.

Happy Halloween Time

"Foggy Brain"... Why wont the Sun come out!?

Do you sometimes feel like you have a "Foggy Brain"? I do! 

I wanted to share with you some personal reflections, as a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor and how 15 years later my brain still feels "foggy" at times or even like a Zombie Brain. 

All too often, I wake up and feel as though my brain is covered in a deep fog. I wonder when will the Sun shine over my head to wake up all my neurons, endorphins, synapses, etc., in my brain. I sometimes refer to this as "Zombie Brain," because it feels as though I'm walking around like a zombie when I am having one of my many Migraine Episodes, which delays my brain function significantly.

Personal Story of Adrenal Insufficency/Adrenal Failure

I wanted to share a personal story that I believe will be of help to you. My Mom was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and is in Adrenal Failure currently.

This is difficult to watch, because my Mom has little to no energy and since she is Type 2 Diabetic, her sugar levels do not go above 87 even after she eats and they drop as low as 54. This is definitely not my Mom. It is scary to see and to watch.

The doctors have her in Home Health Care and are watching her constantly. She sees her doctor on Thursday for a follow-up and they might put her back in the hospital.

Courtyard Marriott- New Hotel; New Hope

This is awesome. We just had to share. Courtyard Marriott is about to begin construction on a Ground Breaking hotel in hiring employees with disabilities. Moreover, Courtyard Marriott in Muncie, Indiana is also offering Post Secondary Education to help the employees learn the food service and hospitality industries. This is extremely fascinating and very exciting to see this hotel come to fruition. Thanks Marriott!

Here is the link below:

Community Inclusion....why is it important?

Many people ask, "What is Community Inclusion?" Quite simply, community inclusion is the bringing together of individuals with development disabilities through activities and making them apart instead of creating barriers. According to theNorth Carolina Council on Development Disabilities, the definition of community inclusion is, "The full participation by an individual with a developmental disability in activities, organizations and groups of his/her choosing in the community.

Mental Illness...Why the Debate is so Important!

Why is the Mental Illness Debate so important?

As an advocate, I am writing this blog on a issue that is prevalent in the news and in our society today. The issue of Mental Illness is extremely important today, because many families and those suffering from Mental Health Problems are shy or afraid to seek help professionally. Many families know that their child or children are suffering from a mental illness, but do not want to speak up due to the stigma that has attached itself to the meaning behind having a mental illness.

How Chronic Pain Affects My Life

How Chronic Pain Affects My Life-

I thought I would write this blog post from my personal point of view in dealing  with my struggles with Chronic Pain on a daily basis and it's impact in my daily life. I thought of sharing my story when I had a terrible "flare-up" episode more than a month ago when it became near impossible to continue with blog posts, communication, etc for Soul Fighter Foundation. Flare-Ups are all to common with Chronic Pain Sufferers. It causes a great deal of stress on the individual and can affect their relationships with their significant other, family, friends, co-workers, employers, etc.

Speak Up! Advocacy at Work (2) - Current Issues and Response from Mr. Kiplinger

Hello Readers-

Previously, I wrote, on behalf of The Soul Fighter Foundation, to the Editor-in-Chief ofKiplinger Personal Finance Magazine, Knight Kiplinger regarding his December 2012 piece on the question, "Should Parking Rules Favor the Handicapped?" (link of the article below). On our Blog, I posted the e-mail that I wrote to Mr. Kiplinger and I wanted to share with you his professional and thoughtful response.

In doing so, I wanted to share, in this blog article, the importance of Advocacy and how it can bridge a relationship of understanding and mutual respect between both parties.
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3 Ways to Minimize Pain
Fibromyalgia FINALLY recognized with an ICD-10 Code
Happy Halloween Time
"Foggy Brain"... Why wont the Sun come out!?
Personal Story of Adrenal Insufficency/Adrenal Failure


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