Be Mindful of Care Giver Burn Out
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Be Mindful of Care Giver Burn Out

At Soul Fighter Foundation, we believe that Care Giving is an act of kindness from one individual to another. This act is gracious and selfless filled with love and dedication to that person. We like to call Care Givers our Miracle Workers, because they are guided by love to help their spouse, loved ones, family members, friends, etc without hesitation and for that they are Miracle Workers.

Medical Situations arise without warning to our spouses, loved ones, family members, or friends in an instant, which requires us to care for them.  Care Givers or Miracle Workers are selfless, loving, caring, and kind individuals willing to give themselves to help others in need.

As a Care Giver myself, I have experienced a situation where I became a Care Giver instantly after my daughter’s traumatic accident. Even thought I was emotionally wounded by her accident, I had to become strong and show my strength in order to take care of her without her seeing my pain.  Very similar to both my parents, as I chose to care for them at different times when they were diagnosed with Cancer, I had to put aside my own emotions and show only my strength to care for them, so they would not see my pain, as well.

Through each situation, I experienced the same feelings of pride, love, and joy in my roles as a Care Giver to my daughter and my parents, but I did notice over time I would become very tired, depressed, emotional, and restless, etc. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, until I read about Care Giver Burnout. I always thought of myself as a very strong individual, but my emotions are real and my body was feeling them.  I never knew much about Care Giver Burnout, until my Father’s Doctor at his appointment noticed something about me, took to me to the side, and said, “Are You Ok?” At that moment, I began to cry, and realize I wasn’t ok. My dad was dying of cancer, I wanted to care for him, yet I didn’t want him to go. Trying to keep those emotions to myself, so my Father wouldn’t see his daughter hurt, created a build- up of emotions inside me.  The long hours of caring for him, the constant “on watch” mentality began to drain my body’s reserve energy. Trust me, I wouldn’t change a thing, but that is when I learned of Care Giver Burn Out, and I want to share it with all of you.  

When my Mother became ill, my siblings and I cared for her during her last months.  I still suffered from the emotional exhaustion that comes with Care Giving for a loved one. Regardless of how many of us cared for our mother, the constant “on watch” mentality starts to slowly drain our body’s reserve energy until we have no energy left.

It is an emotional experience caring for your loved one whether from a traumatic injury, serious illness, or Cancer and there is still the emotional experience that comes with seeing your loved one suffer, yet as the Care Giver we try to remain strong for them, so they don’t see our pain. I commend all the Care Giver’s out there, because I know what you are going through, I know the pain, the stress, and the emotional toll it takes on our bodies. I am here to give you some extra help, some guidance, and support. I have attached some helpful links to this blog for you to review.

For more information on Care Giver Burn Out, I have attached a few helpful links:

For more information on Care Giver Support, I have attached a few helpful links:

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