How Chronic Pain Affects My Life
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How Chronic Pain Affects My Life

How Chronic Pain Affects My Life-

I thought I would write this blog post from my personal point of view in dealing  with my struggles with Chronic Pain on a daily basis and it's impact in my daily life. I thought of sharing my story when I had a terrible "flare-up" episode more than a month ago when it became near impossible to continue with blog posts, communication, etc for Soul Fighter Foundation. Flare-Ups are all to common with Chronic Pain Sufferers. It causes a great deal of stress on the individual and can affect their relationships with their significant other, family, friends, co-workers, employers, etc. 

First, what is Chronic Pain? Well, to be honest, I had no clue what it meant 13 years ago, when I was diagnosed with it two years after my accident (15 years ago). All I knew is that I was in pain on a daily basis and it seemed to NEVER go away. I woke up with Pain and I went to bed with Pain. It became such a burden, but a burden I knew I had to live with. Later, through my diagnosis, I found out that Chronic Pain was from my traumatic injuries. Chronic Pain is simply Pain that is active from Trauma, Injury, or Infection that lasts for weeks, months, or years continually.

I have attached a few links for your review on and about Chronic Pain.


A Flare-Up is an intense pain episode of those dealing with Chronic Pain that can last a few moments to a few days of the total body or a certain area of the body. Upon this flare-up, it was near impossible for me to function. The pain was so intense that it caused me to become limbo in a state of bodily shock for weeks. Once the Flare Up calms down, I am back to the same Chronic Pain, that seemed to become manageable over the years through pain techniques (Biofeedback, Meditation, Electrical Stimulation) and medication. Chronic Pain can be in addition to other traumatic injuries, such as a Traumatic Brain Injury, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Pain from Nerve Damage due to many contributing factors, Neuropathy, Severe Arthritic Pain affecting total body or partial body, Pain from Cancer, etc. 

Weekly, I make it a priority to read Chronic Pain Posts from individuals that discuss openly about their daily issues with pain and how it affects their daily life and/or their relationships. I am touched each day from their personal accounts and I realize that I am not alone, nor am I dealing with pain alone. Moreover, there is a deep connection within the Pain Community and the support is invaluable to many, such as myself.  Having a support group whether it be in person or through social media is incredibly helpful for someone dealing with pain or disabled by Chronic Pain on a daily basis. Support groups are very important to the individual and to others. There is a sense of community and belonging that becomes crucial to both the individual and the group.

Although Pain is a relative term, meaning it is felt, related, and understandable to those suffering from Pain. Pain is universal and those that experience pain, such as Chronic Pain, begin to relate to others that suffer from Chronic Pain. This is why these support groups are so important and valuable to Pain Sufferers and the Community.

Not everyone will understand your pain levels and/or your Chronic Pain symptoms, as I experience in my life, but you need to realize that your symptoms and your pain is real. Your feelings are real. Your emotions to pain are real, and IMPORTANT! Do not underestimate your Pain Symptoms from Chronic Pain, because others in your life minimize your pain or make you feel as though you are weak for taking medications, etc. Again, pain is a relative term and not everyone will understand your pain, but those suffering from Chronic Pain and those that truly love you and want to become knowledgeable about Chronic Pain will support you no matter what.

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best yoga for back pain on Monday, March 03, 2014 6:08 AM
Thanks so much for a great post on How Chronic Pain Affects My Life. I'd like to know more about these topics and hope that I can receive more insight into this topic.
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Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Treatments on Thursday, August 11, 2016 1:26 AM
This post was very well written, and it also contains a lot of useful facts. I enjoyed your distinguished way of writing the post. Thanks, you have made it easy for me to understand.
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